Granite Repair Franchises Available

ProCaliber Products™ collection of surface repair products utilizes an advanced technology of Light-Curing (LCA) and Self-Curing Acrylics (SCA) to enable professional, permanent and invisible repairs in minutes. These repair solutions are available in Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kits for small repairs which can be performed at a professional level in less than 15 minutes by most anyone, or in professional configurations suitable for technicians, installers and contractors who perform larger or multiple repairs. There is no other solution available to DIY’ers with the combination of ease of use, fast repair time, and truly incredible results for granite, marble, quartz, solid surface, fiberglass, porcelain or acrylic surfaces.

The story and value for the professional is no less dramatic – think of how you can expand your repair business to virtually any surface in a home kitchen or bathroom (countertops, stovetops, floor tile, sinks, bath tubs, spas, shower surrounds, toilets, etc.) utilizing the ProCaliber Products™ solution. Also, think of the time savings and how many more repairs you can perform when each one can be completed in less than 5 minutes and never needs to be touched again while not sacrificing quality in the least…to the contrary, your results will be more impressive than ever before and you will have more satisfied customers than ever.

Given the relatively new nature of our repair solutions, widespread awareness and usage of the ProCaliber Products™ line has not been achieved yet. The demand is there, but we cannot reach everyone who wants and needs our repair solution on our own.

We are looking for distribution partners who are interested in tapping into this potential market. We are able to work with single-shop granite countertop installers, single truck repair technicians or the largest retailers. Please Contact Us to learn how you can become a distribution or franchise partner of ProCaliber Products™.