ProCaliber Products Granite Repair Reviews

A Few Of Our ProCaliber Products Repair Success Stories (Testimonials):

 [I] Just had to drop a quick note to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for providing an excellent quality product that does EXACTLY what it advertises, which is a rarity nowadays. I used the clear granite repair paste to repair 3 locations on our granite tile countertops - two of which were already there when we purchased our home, and the 3rd which, well... joined the others courtesy of my new bifocals (I wasn't quite used to the difference in depth perception between the two fields of view yet - a "slight visual miscalculation" led to a nice chunk being knocked out of the most visible location on our beautiful kitchen counter).

The paste was a good choice for our repairs - the smallest was a chip out of the rounded corner of the granite tile - the paste was so easy to work with, and was easily shaped, sanded and polished - can't even tell it was repaired there. The largest area repaired was about 3" high and about 1/2" wide, on corner edge tiles (normally a very challenging location to fill/shape/finish, where the granite had apparently chipped away between the tiles, when installed, and the previous owners had never repaired it - it looked awful, but the paste was just what we needed and it's beautiful, smooth and nicely rounded again. You can see that it was repaired, and given the extra width, it appears slightly opaque, rather than clear, but it is so much better than it was, and it still visually pleasing, with smooth, rounded corners again.

My recent miscalculation flub was on an edge, and mostly on the surface, about 3/4" across and 1/4" deep...the gel might have worked, but the paste did the job very nicely, since we needed that for our other repairs anyway. My wife was skeptical, as she likes to jokingly remind me that I'm not very handy with home repairs, but your product put her right in her place, and neither of us could believe how amazing the counter looked when finished. You have to look really hard, and in just the right light, to be able to even detect that it had been repaired. And once I got the hang of it, on the first spot, the others only took about 20 minutes (after cleaning the night before) from start to finish for the repair to look absolutely smooth, polished and beautiful.

I don't normally take the time to comment on products I purchase, but I had to make an exception for this one. And not only that, when I had called to ask pre-purchase questions, to aid me in deciding which product to purchase, the very nice woman who assisted me was pleasant, informative and did not make me feel like a weekend home repair warrior idiot.

I've already recommended this product and your website to friends out of state who, I know, will also appreciate it as much as we do. Thank you, again, for an easy-to-use, non-toxic, high quality repair solution for our once-again beautiful granite counters. This product is a definite game-changer for the DIY'ers out there who want a professional finish at a DIY price AND skill level.

Mike W.
 Portland, OR

I literally just finished repairing a crack in granite that has a the diameter of a dime and about 1/4" pit at the lowest point in my girlfriends new granite counter tops. I had damaged the counter top about a week ago when I was in an epic battle against a rusty paint can using only my hammer and a screwdriver! The counter top was a horrible casualty which I was scorned for. I found your ProCaliber Granite and Marble Repair kit online after visiting Home Depot and The Tile Store both of which carried NOTHING like what I was looking for. I got the product in the mail yesterday and decided to tackle the repair this morning. The results are AMAZING!!!! I can not believe how fantastic the repair looks, I could not be happier and my girlfriend is shocked at how good the finish was. Thank you!!!

 Just wanted to say kudos for this product! I created a small chip on the edge of our granite countertop caused by a piece of heavy pottery that slipped from my hands. After applying the acrylic, the area is smooth and no one can tell but me because I know where the original site is.
I highly recommend this product, and was very impressed with how quickly you shipped it! Thank you SO much. You saved us a lot of $$!!
 Maureen K.

 I chipped the edge of my Santa Cecilia granite, and was so upset. My husband did some research on line and found your product. I repaired my counter today and was extremely pleased with the results. It was very easy to use, and I even spoke to you about the white spots. I did have to use a nail and chip out a little piece. Once I re-applied more acrylic and finished the repair, it is now flawless. I am the only one who knows where the chip was, but even I have to search for it. Wonderful product, I would recommend to anyone!
 Heidi Finkelstein

 Excellent material for small granite repairs, even on vertical areas that need patching. The 1 gram quantity sounds little but is ample even for slightly bigger areas.

 Just recently purchased one of your acrylic repair kits from your website. Not only was this item shipped quickly, it was exactly the right product for the repair I had to make, and the pricing was extremely reasonable. My granite countertop once again looks flawless. Thanks so much.
 Brigid O'Dowd

 I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with your product. It worked great on our chipped granite edge by the undermount sink and I would highly recommend it to others!
 Pam Mikalonis

 Product worked as advertised providing quality, quick repair that blends in with the granite countertop. Outstanding value versus having countertop provider service call. (5 out of 5 stars).
 David Van Pernis

 We recently purchased a home that was built in 1989 and the granite counter top edge had a small chip above the dishwasher. Most likely a heavy pot was dropped. The Clear Repair Kit worked and our black with white veins marble look counter looks like new. Since the chip was about a quarter inch in both size and depth we used a piano lamp to aid in the curing. What a great product to solve what we assumed would be a very costly repair issue!
 Raymond Hill

 I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the product. The delivery was very quick but more importantly the product is amazing. I had two chips in my granite on the edge of the sink. My husband used your system and we were both amazed with the results. I called a granite company and they were going to charge me $350 for the repairs. Needless to say we are very happy. Thank you.
 Mary Knight

 Super fast shipping. Item is just as expected. (5 out of 5 stars).

 Easy, straight work. Perfect. (5 out of 5 Rating)
 Silas C.