Repair Your Acrylic Spa or Any Acrylic Product!

Do you have a chip or nick in your acrylic spa or any acrylic product? Now you can save your money by repairing the damage with easy-to-use ProCaliber Products™! 

What is ProCaliber? A revolutionary, high tech do-it-yourself acrylic repair system that you can use to repair chips, cracks and nicks in any acrylic surface.

The ProCaliber acrylic repair system will give you professional quality, permanant results.

Why do ProCaliber Acrylic Repair Kits deliver superior results?

  • Most repairs dry in less than 5 minutes
  • Your repair is ready to use in less than an hour
  • The repair is nearly invisible and will not change color with age
  • ProCaliber produces permanant, durable results
  • Completely non toxic, you can use it in food prep areas
  • You can achieve high gloss results if desired
  • Repair is waterproof and house-hold cleaning chemical resistant

Protect the beauty of your acrylic spa, acrylic furniture or any acrylic item with professional quality ProCaliber repair.

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