Repair Fiberglass Surfaces, Even Your Fiberglass Boat

Do you have a chip, small crack or nick in your fiberglass? You've just found the latest technology in fiberglass repair.

Now you can do professional quality small repairs on a fiberglass shower stall or tub, and even fix that ding in your fiberglass boat. 

What is ProCaliber Products™? A revolutionary light-curing kit that you can use to repair any fiberglass surface.

ProCaliber is an advanced, professional quality, permanant repair technique and you can do-it-yourself for around $25.

Why do you want to try a ProCaliber Repair Kit?

  • Most repairs dry in around 5 minutes.
  • All repaired fixtures are ready to use in less than an hour.
  • Your repair is nearly invisible and will not change color with age.
  • ProCaliber professional quality repairs are permanant.
  • The repair is completely non toxic, you can use it in food prep areas.
  • You can achieve high gloss results if desired.
  • Repair is waterproof and house-hold cleaning chemical resistant.

Now you can repair any fiberglass surface at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Protect your investment with a do-it-yourself ProCaliber Products™ repair. 

Buy the Clear ProCaliber Products Repair Kit

Buy the White ProCaliber Products Repair Kit