Repair any Porcelain Surface

If you have a crack or chip in your porcelain bath fixture or fine porcelain, you'll want to learn more about the high quality professional repair results you can achieve with ProCaliber Products™...

What is ProCaliber? A revolutionary do-it-yourself porcelain repair kit that you can use to repair chips, nicks and scratches in any porcelain surface.

ProCaliber is an advanced repair technique which produces nearly undetectable, superior non-toxic repair results.

With the White Porcelain Repair Kit you can fill a missing chip or repair any cracked porcelain surface. 

  • Your repair will cure in about 15 minutes and your fixture will be ready to use in less than an hour.
  • Your repair is nearly invisible and will not change color with age.
  • ProCaliber produces professional quality, durable, permanant results.
  • Completely non toxic, you can use it in food prep areas.
  • You can polish to a high gloss.
  • Repair is waterproof and household cleaning chemical resistant.
  • Now you can repair any porcelain surface for around $30.

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