Repair Accessories and Tools

Enhance all your ProCaliber Products™ repairs with our tested and approved repair-kit accessories.

We have either developed our own proprietary cleaners, polishers and scratch removers or tested all accessories to complement or enhance the performance of our Repair and Restore Materials.

Choose from several categories of must have items!

  • Polishing Abrasives - liquid, paste or cushioned pad remove scratches and bring a high-gloss shine to all your repairs
  • Cleaners - Liquid abrasive cleaner keeps the haze away and ensures water continues to bead up
  • Microfiber Cloths - our cloths produce no lint, are very absorbent, provide streak and scratch-free shine to any surface
  • Sandpaper - this specially gel-coated abrasive and is the only sandpaper which will not scratch surrounding ceramic and porcelain surfaces while removing excess repair material
  • Curing Sheets - our exclusive curing sheets are the precise thickness and material to enhance the cure process, remove tackiness from repair and not prohibit light-curing in any way
  • Micro-Tips - allow you to dispense the precise amount of repair material for complete control and no waste
  • Much more to come...


ProCaliber Scratch Removal and Polish Kit

ProCaliber Scratch Removal and Polish Kit

A premier cleaning, polishing and protecting system for use on Acrylic, Metal, Plastic, Solid Surfac..

$14.99 $19.99

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