• Plumbing Fixture & Appliance Chip Repair Pro-Pack "Pkg Of 4"

ProCaliber Products™ Plumbing Fixture & Appliance Chip & Nick Repair Pro-Pack "Pkg Of 4" - LCA Gel

The perfect complete kit for all types of countertop, appliance, tile, plumbing fixture surface repairs. Utilizes the most advanced Light-Curing Acrylic (LCA) paste technology to completely repair surface damage on virtually any hard surface in a kitchen or bathroom. The paste consistency allows for repairs on vertical surfaces and for larger size chip, nick, crack and gouge damage repair.

With this kit (and used with the professional cordless curing lamp), any professional service contractor or technician has the ability to perform the most professional, complete, invisible and permanent repair possible. Each repair can be done in less than 15 minutes and never needs to be revisited again. The time you save utilizing our LCA system will enable you to greatly increase the amount of jobs you can perform and increase the quality and customer satisfaction of each repair.

Pro Pack Contains:

  • (4) 3-gram LCA gel syringes (1 each) Kohler White Standard Plumbing White Almond/Bisque Bone/Light Beige
  • Enough material to perform 60 to 100 small repairs (15 - 25 repairs per syringe)

Use with 72-12-3 blue light curing lamp

If you would like to polish your repair to a high-gloss shine, we recommend our Foam Acrylic Polish Block and ProCaliber Liquid Abrasive Polish

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Plumbing Fixture & Appliance Chip Repair Pro-Pack "Pkg Of 4"

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