ProCaliber Liquid Abrasive Polish and Cleaner

ProCaliber Liquid Abrasive Polish and Cleaner

Brand: ProCaliber Products
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* 2 oz Bottle
* Liquid Abrasive - Type 1 Cleaner & Polish
* Remove fine scratches and imperfections from most any surface
* Polish any ProCaliber Products repairs to high gloss
* Can be used on any plastic, wood, metal, stainless steel, acrylic, fiberglass, solid surface
* Made in USA

Liquid Abrasive Polish & Cleaner is one of the most versatile polish products you will ever use! Water-based formula is environmentally safe and friendly. Can be used on any acrylic, plastic, wood, metal, solid surface, ceramic or other composite surfaces to provide an incredibly smooth, mirror finish. 

Perfect product to use on any ProCaliber Products repairs to bring a high gloss finish to your repair. Use regularly as a cleaner to improve or keep the high gloss finish on your surfaces. 2oz Bottle contains no wax or filler which can cause yellowing. 

Approved for use on military aircraft canopies so you know it is safe to use on all your household surfaces and fixtures. 

Uses a 1 micron aluminum oxide abrasive crystal. If scratch or damage can be felt with a fingernail, this will not remove it. You will need a more aggressive abrasive series first and apply this Liquid Abrasive Polish as the final polishing step.