• ProCaliber High Power Cordless LED Light Curing Lamp

ProCaliber Products High Power Professional Cordless Rechargeable Light Curing Lamp

  • Suitable for curing all Light Curing Acrylic (LCA) gel and paste (most repairs in under 30 seconds)
  • Cordless convenience allows for use in areas not accessible to power
  • Generates pure blue light in the optimal range (440nm - 480nm) to cure LCA material in the fastest possible time

Features Include:

  • LCD Screen displays all functions and battery life
  • No more bulbs to replace with average LED life of 2,000,000 10-second cycles
  • Smooth and contoured ergonomic design offers added comfort and easy cleaning
  • 3 Curing Modes: Full-Power (output utilizes the full power available) Ramp-Up (output rises gradually from 30% to 100% during the first third of cycle, and then stays in full power for the remainder of the cycle) Pulse (cycles between zero-power and full-power each 1/2 second)
  • Audible Alerts: As you change working modes Start of curing process End of curing process
  • Light intensity of 1,800 mW/cm2 cures composite in 10 seconds / 4 mm
  • Curing time is adjustable in 1 second increments up to 40 seconds
  • Curing cycle can be interrupted manually with one-touch button
  • Lithium Battery capacity provides 200 ten-second curing cycles on a full charge
  • Low battery warning tone and flashing icon on LCD (when below 25% battery life)
  • Energy-Saving Auto Shut-Off Function
  • Auto Memory Function - Unit will automatically memorize the last working mode and will return to those settings when powered up
  • Dual Power capability - cord/cordless interchangeable - when battery is low, the unit can be operated directly with power adapter


  • Operating voltage charging base: 10VDC
  • Power pack: 100-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz / max. 1 A / Output 10 VDC
  • Operating Temperature: 10°C to 40°C (50° to 104°F) Charging time: approximately 5 Hours (with battery completely drained)
  • Light source: 5W LED Light output: 420 - 480nm Light intensity: 800 - 1,800 mW/cm2 Light guide: 8mm
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ProCaliber High Power Cordless LED Light Curing Lamp

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